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Guatemala Mission Trip 2019

Guatemala Mission Trip October 12-18, 2019

Living in Traverse City, surrounded by the beauty of Grand Traverse Bay, we can easily become complacent about our accessibility to clean drinking water. Yet, over 700 million people globally are affected by a water crisis and face serious health risks and water related illnesses. Children are especially at risk from contaminated water, preventing them from going to school and struggling with chronic illnesses and even death. The impact on the family and the community as a whole is difficult for us to truly grasp.

Next fall there will be an opportunity to travel to Guatemala for an Adult mission trip. Working with Filter of Hope, an organization that has developed household water filters for families living in abject poverty, we will be able to see first hand the difference access to clean water can make. The household filters we will distribute and install can last up to 10 years, are efficient and affordable.

Our team will work with local churches to distribute and install the water filters in the Santa Rosa area of Guatemala, an area that some of the worst water conditions in Central America. The purpose of this trip will be to provide a solution for contaminated water sources and to facilitate personal connections for the local church. Most importantly, the team will have an opportunity to share with others the parallels between these filters and the cleansing we all have through the filter of Jesus in our life.

Update from Guatemalan Mission Team: July 11, 2019

Our trip is just around the corner, only 6 weeks until October 11th. Thirteen people have signed up to serve the people of Guatemala and we are preparing by learning about the culture we are immersing ourselves in and learning how to best interact with the families as well as becoming familiar with the filters themselves. For some, this is their first experience on a mission trip so stressing the importance of letting God lead our time there and being prepared to be flexible is essential.

Our mission team will be partnering with Filter of Hope, providing water filters in outlying villages to families in need. We will partner with a local church to deliver and install the filters. The mission accomplishes a means to families for much needed clean water in their homes and for relationships between the family and local church members and our team members.

We would like say THANK YOU to everyone who has supported our fundraising efforts financially with donations the past couple of months or by attending our Panera Bread Fundraiser, purchasing our homemade cinnamon rolls (yum!), ordering products from Vollwerth Meats, or ordering Guatemalan coffee from Higher Grounds. We are thankful for the generosity of these organizations and their willingness to support missional projects such as this.

We would especially request that FCC members be in prayer for our team: Judy Benson, Eric & Pam Davis, Sharon Edson, Chris & Herb Fluharty, Nancy Kaltenbach, Karen Rudolph, Debra Schweitzer, Lois Smits, Barb Springsteen, Marilyn & Jan Vlach

Our prayer is that God will use us to further his kingdom and additionally, that those people receiving the filters will know God’s love by our acts.

To join or support this Mission Trip:

contact: Marilyn Vlach or Eric Davis

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Filters cost $40 each and we will be required to purchased about 5 for every member on the mission team.
One way Church members can contribute is by sponsoring filters and making a check out to FCC with Mission Trip on the memo line.

To Learn More:

Watch the video by clicking here.

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