Fist Congregational Church

Mel Larimer Concert Series

Upcoming Concert Information

Our next concert will be in November. Information will be posted here as it becomes available.

About the Mel Larimer Concert Series:

Mel Larimer was the beloved Director of Music and conductor of Traverse City’s First Congregational Church Sanctuary Choir from 1997 to 2008. Bringing together Grand Traverse regional musicians to perform major choral/orchestral masterworks was always a major part of Mel Larimer’s fondest wishes and goals for our community. At his passing in 2008, the Mel Larimer Concert Series Memorial Fund was established so that our community could carry on this worthy aspiration. The over-arching goal of the Mel Larimer Concert is to bring together Grand Traverse area musicians to perform great music. All vocalists who are up to the challenge and can fulfill rehearsal requirements are welcome to participate. Masterworks selected may include music of various world cultures, creeds and historical origins, and can be from sacred or secular choral traditions. The Mel Larimer Concerts are outreach events offered to individuals and established public and private institutions as a community service. The Traverse City First Congregational Church (as custodian of the MLCS Trust) is pleased to host these events where appropriate.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Mel Larimer Concert Series is to perform great music that inspires humanity’s creative yearnings and gives expression to the stirrings of the human spirit. To that end, we will strive to present, advocate and promote a repertory of innovative and traditional choral music and seek to educate the public and nurture its appreciation of the life-enriching qualities of choral music and the arts.