Fist Congregational Church

Safe Harbor

Safe Harbor Homeless Shelter:

517 Wellington St, Traverse City, MI

Keeping a promise of compassion

Safe Harbor is Traverse City’s permanent homeless shelter offering dinner and overnight accommodations for homeless people during the winter months of November - March/April. Safe Harbor guests include adults, over the age of eighteen, who are able to leave drugs and alcohol at the door in order to provide a safe environment for other guests and volunteers.

• 74% are from Grand Traverse County
• 85% are from the five-county region
• 93% are from the ten counties of northern Michigan

Since 2012, we have seen an 85% increase in bed nights at Safe Harbor. Today in Traverse City, an estimated 94 people are living on the street. Most have mental illness, substance abuse issues, or a combination of the two. Last year, Safe Harbor served 172 different adults who were experiencing homelessness — the vast majority used the services for a short time while getting back on their feet. Safe Harbor provides a vital safety net for people when they are most vulnerable.

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How Can I Help?

If you are looking for a place to serve at FCC, consider our Safe Harbor mission. Our church hosts homeless guests at the Safe Harbor Traverse City homeless shelter (517 Wellington). Volunteers are needed as evening hosts, overnight supervisors, dinner cooks, breakfast servers and a.m. cleaners. Nineteen people are needed each day to staff the shelter.

For Questions:

Call FCC Mission Leaders Gary Clous 231-313-4849, or Peggy Byland 231-349-5269 for information.