Fist Congregational Church

TV Message & Music

Interested in watching our video broadcasts?


The sermon from July 1, 2018 does not appear on our link above of all video broadcasts. Therefore, we have listed it here for your viewing:

First Congregational Church has been broadcasting the sermon – “Message” – along with some of the “Music” from our worship services since December, 1985! This is an invaluable service for our home-bound community members, and we pray you will be blessed by this ministry until you’re able to join us in person.

Tune In

“Traverse City’s Message & Music” is broadcast Sundays at 10:30am on Up North TV, Charter channel 189. Our weekly broadcasts are also available online for about 5-6 weeks after their original air date. Please share this information with any of your friends or family who cannot attend Sunday worship! Please email or call David Russell ( or 231-947-6698) if you have additional questions or comments.