Fist Congregational Church

Core Values

C H R I S T is the center and circumference.

C—Celebrative Worship. We enjoy a variety of worship and preaching styles. We offer traditional and contemporary music options, enhanced by our Cassavant pipe organ, handbell ringers, and outstanding choral and instrumental musicians during our Traditional service, and spirited worship leadership from our Praise Team during our Contemporary Worship service. Soli Deo Gloria! We rejoice in God’s grace!

H—Humble Service. We believe every person is gifted to serve God in some unique fashion within the church and beyond the church in homes, on jobs, and throughout the creation.

R—Relevant Biblical Teaching. The Triune God reveals his presence and promises in the Christian Scriptures. The Holy Spirit draws us into Christ’s work when we read and ponder the Word of God.

I—Intentional Outreach. We take on projects that participate in Jesus Christ’s overflowing love – locally, regionally, and internationally.

S—Significant Relationships. Just as the Triune God is the perfect relationship of love, so we strive after close relationships within the body of Christ. We believe “one to one” mentoring is an important method to empower the ministries and missions of FCC. Small study groups nurture us spiritually and empower us to join in Christ’s work.

T—Transformed Living. Transformed Living: God is working to transform us into servants in His Kingdom. We are on a journey to grow into the fullness of Christ. This transformation can begin now but it can last forever.


THE MISSION OF FIRST CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH IS TO HELP YOU FIND YOUR WAY TO CHRIST. We do this by offering diverse environments of worship, prayer, study, and service where the Holy Spirit creates, renews, and deepens faith in Jesus Christ.

Statement of Faith

Stained Glass

First Congregational Church is a Christian church. We recognize there is no other head of the church but the Lord Jesus Christ. The nature of our church government is congregational, whereby our church assumes the authority to develop its own constitution, write its own bylaws, and make its own operational decisions. We embrace the historic Apostles’, Nicene and Athanasian Creeds as well as the confessions of the Reformation as faithful witnesses to the Word of God.We believe the body of Christ is unified in its purpose but diverse in its expression. The goal in our congregation is to live and work toward consensus among us all without compromising any biblical truths.