Fist Congregational Church

Core Values

Forward With Vision at FCC

Our Core Values

Changing lives - Christ changes us, no matter who, what, or when. 

Helping you - We walk alongside of each other. 

Relevant living - We live with God-given purpose. 

Intentional hospitality - Welcome to our family. 

Significant Relationships - We love and support each other. 

Thank you, Jesus! - Every day we live with gratitude.

Our Mission Statement

We are the heart, hands, and feet of Jesus wherever we live, work, play, and are led.

Our Vision

We lovingly help people find their way to Christ.

Statement of Faith

Stained Glass

First Congregational Church is a Christian church. We recognize there is no other head of the church but the Lord Jesus Christ. The nature of our church government is congregational, whereby our church assumes the authority to develop its own constitution, write its own bylaws, and make its own operational decisions. We embrace the historic Apostles’, Nicene and Athanasian Creeds as well as the confessions of the Reformation as faithful witnesses to the Word of God. We believe the body of Christ is unified in its purpose but diverse in its expression. The goal in our congregation is to live and work toward consensus among us all without compromising any biblical truths.