Fist Congregational Church


First Congregational Church was founded in 1863 when ten families organized at a log cabin where the Park Place Hotel now stands. As the congregation grew we built 1st a small frame church near the original site, and later a beautiful stone church on Washington St. In September of 1960 the congregation dedicated the present building.

The Congregational Church began in the 1600’s among settlers in America from England and the European continent who wished to be free in thought and conscience as they interpreted the Word of God in the Scriptures. Over the years there were a number of denominational mergers that eventually led us, along with several other historic denominations, into an affiliation with the United Church of Christ in 1957.

In 2008 our congregation voted to sever ties with the United Church of Christ. Today we are an independent congregational church with multiple affiliations from which we derive program resources and inspiration. We are governed by our by-laws which provide for a church council and trustees who are elected by the congregation at an annual meeting of the congregation. Our congregation includes people from many denominational and ethnic backgrounds. We understand ourselves to be a Biblically grounded, Christ-centered church offering a variety of worship forms and gifts based, spirit led ministries through which the Holy Spirit works to make us a church with which Christ may be pleased.