Fist Congregational Church

Senior Adults Learning Together (SALT)

SALT: Senior Adults Learning Together

Opportunities for our aged 64+ members to enjoy additional fellowship, programming and service opportunities tailored for them.
For questions regarding this ministry, please contact Dr. Gary Hogue (231.392.9334).


We currently have a gathering for food and fellowship each month on the first Friday. Please contact Cheryl Chism in the church office for more information (231.947.6698).


Current SALT Class

I invite you to come to SALT.  My wife Karen enjoyed historical novels. Tom Holland's book Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Changed the World reads like a historical novel but is based on real people and real events. Tom is vivid, always interesting, and illuminates the continuing transformative presence and power of Jesus Christ.
I think this class will be fun, exciting, filled with surprising insights to help us all better understand and live faithfully today. Bring a friend. You don't have to read the book to enjoy the class. Join us  Thursdays at 3:30 in the Chapel.
- Dr. Gary Hogue