Fist Congregational Church


SALT: Senior Adults Learning Together

Opportunities for our aged 64+ members to enjoy additional fellowship, programming and service opportunities tailored for them.
For questions regarding this ministry, please contact Dr. Gary Hogue (231.392.9334).

We currently have a gathering for food and fellowship each month on the first Friday called Salt & Pepper. Please contact Cheryl Chism in the church office for more information (231.947.6698).


Going Deeper into Jesus.

Go Deeper in your faith on Thursdays from 3:30 to 5:00 in the chapel. We begin 2/2 and continue through 3/30.

Jesus is the most famous human being in all of history. But while many people have a basic sketch of Jesus in their minds, comparatively few have taken time to read the four biographies of his life in the New Testament Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

This Salt winter class is open to all ages but especially welcomes seniors. It starts Thursday, February 2 and concludes Thursday, March 30. We will meet in the chapel for 9 Thursdays.

Warm up your winter with Jesus! Join me as we go deeper into the Gospels with Award-Winning Author Rebecca McLaughlin in her book, "Confronting Jesus: 9 Encounters with the Hero of the Gospels." This is a beautiful exploration of the 4 New Testament biographies of Jesus. She provides biblical and historical context and explores: Jesus as a Jewish man, the Son of God, the promised King, a mighty healer, the greatest teacher, a lover of sinners, a suffering servant, a perfect sacrifice, and the universal Lord.

This study is winsome and informative. She mixes thorough research with an approachable writing style and cultural references to help us grasp biblical truths. Bring your friends. Her work is very approachable. If you enjoy reading, you will find her explanation of the 4 Gospels is accessible. If reading is a challenge, come and learn from the discussion. I promise you a spirited presentation of the single most important person in history and in the Christian faith. Go deeper into Jesus this winter in this friendly and winsome Salt class. Bring your friends! 

Book and study guide are $20.00. Available soon in the Cross Way

2/2 Jesus the Jew

2/9 Jesus the Son

2/16 Jesus the King

2/23 Jesus the Healer

3/2 Jesus the Teacher

3/9 Jesus the Lover

3/16 Jesus the Servant

3/23 Jesus the Sacrifice

3/30 Jesus the Lord

Sunday Church Transportation: The SALT Ministry team is reaching out to coordinate driving members to Sunday services. If you are interested in either getting a ride or offering to drive a member, please contact Dr. Hogue (231.392.9334).